How to get a girl guide

Girls love to be pampered

As every man knows, women simply can’t resist the opportunity to relax and be pampered, whether this involves a weekend away at one of many spa retreats in the UK, or just covering their faces in cucumber and other strange substances in the more mundane setting of their own home. Knowing how best to pamper a woman is something that all men should at least try and work out before considering options for possible dates or romantic getaways; you cannot pick just any spa day out, it needs to be something that little bit special.

When spa days come to mind the usual images conjured up are of massages, involving all kinds of strange oils and perfumes, faces covered in various creams with cucumbered eyes standing out, maybe a dip in a spa pool, which isn’t too bad, or just more beauty treatments. It’s not all bad news though, many spa retreats offer weekend getaways for couples and some of these places often have ‘man friendly’ facilities like golf courses which can be enjoyed whilst the other half is happy being pampered. But, unless you particularly enjoy a good pamper and massage yourself, these sorts of spas are not recommended as date territory, although you both probably have a great time individually!

If you are just looking to treat a girl to something special then heading into the city to any number of beauty salons, nail bars, make up salons, hair extension salons or even fish pedicure salons offers many opportunities for further pampering. Although such activities probably aren’t suitable for a date, except maybe the fish pedicure salon which could be a good laugh, they are great and relatively inexpensive ways of treating a girl to things that she loves most. Many places now just offer relaxing massages too, often at lower prices than many of the spa retreats, but still deliver a great quality of service.

Pampering your lady, or even a prospective partner, is a great way to get into their good books, especially if you are the one paying. Spa retreats in the country offer a more romantic appeal, possibly with something that will keep you entertained too, whilst inner city alternatives like beauty salons and nail bars provide a quicker, cheaper but equally thoughtful option which will still be equally enjoyed. After all, every girl loves to be pampered and if you can’t afford the best don’t worry - it’s the thought that really counts!